Switzerland is the heart of Europe’s tourist market: a small nation but with a passionate traveller population with a very high per capita income and purchasing power well above the European average.

Switzerland always ranks high in the world for economic influence, political stability, gross domestic product, safety and quality of life of its citizens.

As the third largest city and economic centre in Switzerland, Lugano is a city that fully expresses the world-famous Swiss quality.

Safe and evolved, Lugano is a city on a human scale that thanks to its multilingual culture has a strong tradition of hospitality and a strong international openness.

Traditionally similar to Italy, Lugano offers professionalism and concreteness in a magnificent tourist setting enclosed by the Alps that are reflected in its lakes that host a great artistic and cultural heritage merged in a modern efficiency very sensitive to the theme of environmental sustainability.

Lugano is an ideal meeting place: participating in Primexpo means meeting a motivated and passionate audience in a concrete and professional environment.

Come and meet your next customers!


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