Here is all the technical and useful information on how to participate in PrimExpo.

If your firm is based in an EC/ESL state and you intend to post employees to perform cross-border service during the Fair, or you are an independent service provider, you must perform at least 8 days prior to the start of the activity, an online notification.

This also applies to assembly and disassembly work, which must be notified by the company performing the work, whether it is the exhibitor himself or a company commissioned by him (in which case it will be up to the company in question to fill out the notification). Notification procedure for short-term gainful activity

The notification procedure can be found on the website of the federal authority:

PrimExpo Management cannot take responsibility for making such notification on behalf of the foreign employer or self-employed worker present at the Fair, and is not responsible for the information entered by the exhibitor.

The opening hours of the customs offices must be observed for the customs imposition of tradable goods. You can make customs declarations Monday through Friday during taxation hours. Some customs offices are also open on Saturday mornings.

Border crossings and customs offices, opening hours:

Cross-border traffic of tradable goods includes the import, export and transit of all goods intended for use in businesses, including own businesses or restaurants. Tradeable goods traffic is also defined as the transportation of goods across the customs border on behalf of an individual or enterprise. The same applies to all services that are considered supplies under a procurement contract.

All tradable goods must be presented to the nearest Swiss customs office and declared electronically with DDAT form or ATA Booklet:

WiFi service is active on the entire perimeter of the Exhibition Center. The WiFi service is provided by the city of Lugano and not by PrimExpo Fair.


PrimExpo has chosen Af-Exhibition Equipment as its official partner.

Ticino-based company leader in the national and international market, present in the most important Swiss and European trade fairs, official partner of several Swiss private and institutional realities, will take care of all the arrangements of the big Luganese fair. Af-Allestimenti has a long experience always at its clients’ side, to meet their logistic and exhibition needs, always proposing new and innovative solutions. [visit site].

Turnkey modular and customizable professional booth construction.

Study of booth interior and exterior design, scenic design, lighting design, and 3D development.

Custom fabrication of furniture, furnishings, product displays, and customized environments.

Hire extra furniture, LED monitors, floral decorations and custom graphics. Complete customization of exhibition space.

Professional carpet laying and disposal available with a wide assortment of materials and colors.


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