Sports and equipment

Switzerland offers a range of solutions, and with each season it reveals itself with unique views. A scenic heritage that Nature offers to experience the real OUTDOOR. Summer to enjoy water sports in the rivers and lakes, and winter to try your hand at skiing and snowshoeing. From the very young to families and the elderly, everyone is a key player in the outdoors. PrimExpo will also be an opportunity to get to know sports professionals who will offer equipment, items and solutions for practicing their passions in total safety and comfort.

Campers and campsites

The world of en plein air vacations has come to a positive turning point, the RV and caravan represent a tourism sector that has made environmental sustainability and innovation its banner in recent years.
Free-roaming tourism is a type of vacation that is attracting more and more people, and PrimExpo will present a multitude of proposals for active tourism that complement the travel experience through integrated services, from equipment rental, to the presentation of bike trails, hiking, and even the choice of the most suitable tent.

Tourism and the outdoors

The tourism aspect of the OUTDOOR, interests both passionate and experienced sportsmen and women, and a public that practices it in a recreational and non-totalizing spirit, but seeks facilities and services to practice the sport safely and pleasantly.
Another aspect that completes the panorama of proposals are forms of “active tourism.” More and more people are considering destinations and travel itineraries that maximize vacation time, multiplying experiences that combine sports and nature.

Leisure time

PrimExpo is about free time, which by definition is the time we devote to ourselves, our passions and interests. They will also discuss outdoor photography, an extraordinary way to learn about nature, portraying its landscapes, flora and fauna.
Barbecue is a true passion that allows us to give ourselves time with friends and family to spend outdoors. PrimExpo will give ample space this food and wine aspect, which traditionally represents “party-making.” Our outdoors begins beyond the front door, and PrimExpo will offer the public offerings dedicated to hobbies, creativity, DIY, and…much more.